Hong Kong – The Torn Orchid

Once lions chased dragons
And protected their claim
But the Queen, she had bargained
And time surely came
So the lions decided
To leave their domain

They came from the North
They came with disdain
The orchid is ours!
That much is plain!
Like a plague of locusts
In numbers they came
Some tried to resist it
But most did not dare
Like a plague of locusts
They stripped her leaves bare
But the brightest of petals
Were allowed to remain

Loose tongues were forbidden
Old tales were the same
Sent to oblivion
Sent there in shame
There’s one story now!
The lions we blame!

While betrayers grew rich
The children protested
And resisted the rain
The promises are broken!
Our dreams have been stained!
The elders collected
What they could from the street
With no heart to tell them
It would all be in vain

The Queen sighed in her mirror
Looking broken and frail
There was nothing to do
Since the lions were tamed
The Empire was falling
The orchid reclaimed