The Love Panic of the Chinese Girl

A video made by a South African expat in 2011 asking, “Are Chinese Girls Easy?” has recently gone viral in China:

I guess the guy made it for attention, to get more hits and so on, on Youtube, by making one on a controversial topic.

Apparently the guy has a Chinese wife and lives in China, which makes me wonder whether he regrets making it now, or will in the future.

Here is an excerpt from The Fake Celebrity in China:

“I call it, the love panic of the Chinese girl. Most Chinese girls are brought up to believe that her pussy is like gold. She dreams of one day giving it to her dream man. Her hero. Her knight in shining armour. The one and only. Mr Right. Blissful love. She sees it in the movies. Every night she dreams of love. That special love. Written in the stars. So, she holds on and on. Chinese girls can fuck at fourteen, but wait, sixteen, eighteen, twenty one, twenty three, twenty four… she holds on to that virgin pussy until there are cobwebs down there. No boy can touch her, even kiss her. Meanwhile, her less traditional female friends around her are fucking. But she holds on to that perfect man dream. Perfect stud man with the perfect love. But later she gets lonely. Sad and lonely. Sadder and lonelier. And then she realizes with some distress that her beauty years, the best years for attracting a mate and husband, are gone. And she has a shock. Her life is short. She starts to realize this. So then comes the love panic of the Chinese girl. And because of this phenomenon, that she is experiencing, one day she may choose the boy that has always been in her life, close to her, chasing her. Often a classmate. She can feel his love for her. More like a brother than a lover. They will do the usual Chinese virgin thing and rent a cheap hotel room and she will let him fuck her. Someone who loves her but she does not love. But probably her parents love him like a son. A good boy. But where is the passion, she asks, where has my dream gone? This isn’t my dream! She thinks these thoughts as she lies there with her beautiful virginal legs open and the nervous boy struggles to find the right hole to put his little Chinese wiener in.”

He takes a big gulp of beer and then continues.

“Or, on the other hand she will lose it to a bad boy who tricks her out of her panties. Both because of the love panic. And in both cases they will usually split up soon after the dirty deed is done. So, she ends up losing her virginity and her boyfriend soon after. And then, in the minds of other Chinese, but more importantly in her own mind, she will be less desirable and less marriageable, to Chinese men, as she has lost her precious virginity. So, though I love Chinese girls, one must agree that western girls are cleverer.”