The Great Pretenders

Human beings
Are very skilled
At pretending
They are not
What they are
And attempting to ignore
What is inside them
This includes
Attempting to ignore their natural instincts
Their primal instincts
Because they have this notion
That they are evolving faster
Have evolved further
Than other life
And are therefore
For example
As abhorrent as people may consider it
Human beings are essentially tribal
And racism is simply a survival instinct
Embedded deep inside us
Born from thousands of years
Of survival
And experience
Don’t be racist!
Don’t say racist words!
Don’t be sexist!
Don’t say sexist words!
Don’t be dirty!
Don’t say dirty words!
Don’t be violent!
Don’t say threatening words!
Or you will be fined
Perhaps jailed
Millions will join
To hate you
You must be like us!
They will say
Politically correct
Nice and normal
Or you will certainly pay
So racism, sexism, dirtiness, and violence
Will be repressed for a while
While it spikes freely in other countries
But it will germinate
Like a seed
In silent resentment
In growing frustration
And anger
Until it explodes once again
Into life
Twice as strong
Years later
Or in a new generation
Perhaps in a world war
And the people will once again cry out
“How could human beings do that!?”
When they see the news
Just as their grandparents did
And their grandchildren will
Trapped in a cycle of denial
It’s relatively easy
To act nice and normal
In front of a crowd
Or in public
The tricky part
Is doing it
In private