The Decision To Live

There may come a time
When you decide to ride life
Like a surfer
On the crest of a wave
Using life to get to where you want to go
In the best possible way
The most enjoyable and satisfying way
That somewhere may be nowhere
Or it may be some place you want to go
Have decided to go
It may mean getting stoned
Or drunk
Doing yoga
Or tai chi
It may mean traveling around the world
It may mean hanging out with a beautiful or rich girlfriend
It may mean creating art
It may mean losing friends and family
It often means being lazy
And irresponsible
In the eyes of the “normal” person
Who has not yet made the decision
And remains a slave to life
To accepted norms
The mortgage
Car loans
Credit cards
The paycheck
Marriage and kids
Some people will make the decision very early in their lives
Others will never make the decision
They will just continue to swim against the current
Though they will believe they are swimming downstream
Making ground
And doing the right thing
But when they get very old
And frail
There may be some moments
Of regret
And before they die
They may choose to tell some young person
Perhaps their grandchild
Or just a friend
To make the decision
They never did