I watched an ant
Walk up and down the glass doors
Of my balcony
While I drank beer
And lay on the couch
Watching the clouds drift by
And the gentle swaying of the branches
Of the apple trees
All green and heavy with summer fruit
And the busy ant
I was impressed by the amount of freedom
The ant had
The ultimate explorer
But we both knew
He wasn’t free
He would always go back
Take back what he could
Be loyal to his comrades
And in return
They would be loyal to him
Keep him safe in the winter months
He didn’t achieve much
In the time I watched him
Just went round and round
Up and down
I supposed we had achieved
About the same
In the time
That I watched him
But he had certainly
Exerted more energy
Than me
While we went on our missions
Me to get drunk
And him to explore