Sunday Afternoon – Excerpt From The Fake Celebrity in China

Koman comes to my apartment to talk

Later Jozef knocks on the door

Koman tells me to pretend I am not in but I let him in

So we all sit in the lounge

It feels good to have company

The subject of conversation quickly turns to sex

“Yes, Robert’s cock is niiice, but it is not very beeeg, not like mine,” says Jozef

“Do you want to fuck him?” Koman asks

“Oh yes, he ees very sexy.”

“Show me your cock.”


Jozef pulls off his shorts, as if they were his socks and starts playing with his big cock, trying to make it even bigger

“Do you like it?”

“That thing is small, you said it was big!”

“Let me see yours then.”

“Do you really want to see it?”

“Is it big?”

“It is African, if I showed it to you, you would scream and run away.”

“No, let me see it! I like ze big cocks.”

“Do you want to fuck?”

“Yes. Of course! When, now?”

“It would make your eyes water.”

“I vouldn’t care. I like ze sex.”

It is so nice to have friends around on a Sunday afternoon

Koman is no match for Jozef and Jozef is no match for Koman

And I am no match for either of them

But we all eat, shit, fuck and no doubt will die someday

They do not fuck, of course, and the conversation turns to other matters

I like Jozef better than Koman

His soul is a little more intact

Some of my friends would not even let him in their house

But then some would not let Koman in theirs

What a world we live in