Should New Zealand residents be concerned about an extradition treaty with China?

The short answer, of course.

China does things by bullying. And they have a habit of getting what they want, then doing what they want.

I first lived in China in 2001, and they promised all sorts of things to the international community, in order to get accepted into the WHO, get the vote for the Olympics and so on.

Sadly, after Olympics in 2008, things went noticeably downhill for foreigners living in China.

Extradition for…?

Well, their favourite thing is to control political dissidents, artists and lawyers, the ones who speak out about the human rights abuses in China.

The Hong Kong booksellers recently kidnapped and taken across the border to the mainland (one with a UK passport) should serve as a great warning here.

And also the German poet who may be charged in his own country for mocking the Turkish president.

Extradition, will it involve only Chinese citizens residing in New Zealand, or could it spread to other nationalities?

Kim Dotcom is a German citizen, possibly going to be extradited to the US from New Zealand.

Julian Assange is an Australian, possibly to be extradited to Sweden, and the the US.

What if a Hong Kong dissident (in the eyes of the Chinese) moves to New Zealand?

I was told to leave China because of my novel The Fake Celebrity in China, and it is banned for sale in China.

And that fictional novel does not really criticize the Chinese government in any way.

So, as with the Turkey example, what about a Kiwi who writes a book attacking the Chinese government, or a Kiwi comic who mocks the Chinese leader?

Could they be extradited? Charged due to pressure from China?

These are the things New Zealanders should be considering before entering into any extradition treaty with China.