Political Correctness, the New Disease of Western Christian Democracies, and the Willingness of Muslims to Take Advantage of It

I was quite tired when I turned up at the plane, on my way to Paris. As usual the London Underground had let me down, and there was no direct train to Terminal 5. When I finally got on the smallish plane, I was quite annoyed to see a woman in my window seat. It was a fairly straightforward process these days after all, just go online, pay, check in, then confirm your seat. She was wearing a burka. I waved my boarding pass in front of her.

“Twenty three A?” I asked her.

“Oh,… am I B?” she asked me, in an English accent.

She gave me a little girl’s look and pleaded with her eyes, and nearly said something.

“It’s been a long day,” I said to her and the look on my face made her move.

I sat down, fastened my seat belt and then closed my eyes, though I knew sleep was unlikely.

Then there was some kind of commotion. Her sister who was sitting across the aisle said she could not sit next to a man.

“I can, but my sister cannot,” the one next to me said to the air-hostess.

“Perhaps she would prefer not to travel then,” said the air-hostess, which made quite a few of us smirk.

But in the end the sister got her way, and then the woman next to me moved away to sit with her.

I looked out the window, while the sun poured through, and noticed that every plane, like ours, was British Airways, and I smiled and wondered how my father, who had flown for BOAC for twenty five years, and was a war hero Lancaster Bomber pilot in WW2, would have thought about it all.

In New Zealand there is some unease about the numbers of Chinese living there and investing in land, farms, and so on.

People say the Chinese do not assimilate and so on. They have Chinatowns.

But the difference between the Chinese and the Muslims is that the Chinese do not try to change the culture of the society they live in. They do not affect the local laws so much.

Whereas the Muslims do. It is natural that they will try once they have arrived in numbers because their actions to a certain extent are determined by their religion, Islam.

And they will achieve change when they reach the numbers to win elections. The current Mayor of London is a Muslim, the capital of a traditionally Christian country.

I wonder how many Muslim countries will accept a Christian mayor in the next 50 years?

Political correctness would say that this is a sign of inferiority, that the West has evolved further and therefore is superior.

Reality would suggest otherwise.

The Chinese would certainly disagree. You cannot become Chinese, nor can you become the mayor of a Chinese city, nor can you buy Chinese freehold land.

The Chinese, and the Muslims, seem to at least have some idea of what they are, their culture and values, and appear to want to keep that intact, whereas Westerners appear to want to be a bit of everything thrown in.

Along with the peaceful Muslims, come the ones who want to do harm to non-Muslims, and the West.

They can live, camouflaged and accepted in these predominantly Muslim areas. As seen recently in Belgium.

Democratic leaders, Western leaders, are voted in by the people to represent their people. That is their citizens, the ones who allowed them to take office and power and enjoy high salaries and other benefits. It is a privilege not a right.

The ones, such as Merkel, who allow masses of Muslims into their countries, at the cost to the culture of their own people, and the safety of their own people, at the employment and general well-being of their own citizens, have failed in their duty to protect and represent their voters. And they should be held accountable.

Political correctness, is the new disease of the world. The new weakness of the Western Christian societies.

Millions of Muslims chant, “Death to America! Death to Israel,” every time they pray.

But say some negative words about Muslims, then suddenly one is a dangerous extremist, a racist, a bigot, a fascist.

At a football match in Turkey just after the Paris shootings, the people jeered, whistled and chanted, “Allahu Akbar!” in the minute’s silence for the victims.
Now Europe, or let’s face it, Merkel, is about to allow 78 million Turks visa free travel in Europe.

She has also permitted charges against a well-known German comedy poet who mocked the Turkish president, thus already putting the democratic right of freedom of speech at risk, in Germany.

What right do these people have to make these decisions? Where is the sense?

Perhaps one should remember the main reason why the Roman Empire failed.

The above photograph was taken from the Eiffel Tower when I was visiting Paris in summer, before the Charlie Hebdo killings.

The British Airways story is when I moved to Paris, after the Charlie Hebdo killings.

I was living in Paris when the second Paris attacks occurred.