Pākehā Culture

I have been coming and going to New Zealand for nearly twenty years now. Lately, I have noticed that the Maori culture is really flourishing, real, deep rooted in years of unforgotten history. The pākehā culture on the other hand, the white New Zealand culture, seems to me to be almost non-existent. At best a poor attempt at copying the Maori culture. All tough (apparently) with shades of homophobia, the outcome. The roots to the UK and Europe having been severed long ago. It is ironic that the Maori culture was the one at risk of dying out in the past.

The other thing I always notice when I return to New Zealand, is that most of the pākehā talent appears to have left New Zealand. Decades of brain drain, this phenomena being best evidenced by the mediocre group or “club” of ageing journalists and celebrities who reign supremely. Once in the club, they hang on with bleeding fingernails, never to surrender. The TV1 news team is a good example. Full of ageing smug clichéd regulars who seem to think they are addressing a nation of simple children, and are about as appealing and inspiring as an old worn holey sock.

The advertising industry appears to have not escaped the brain drain factor as well, the TV advertisements being childish, unsubtle, and uncreative. In fact, free pākehā TV viewing has declined to endless game shows, cooking and other reality shows, including endless reruns of fishing shows. How many times can we see a Kiwi catching a snapper from a boat? Quality New Zealand adult drama, and comedy, is sorely lacking, as with the creativity.