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The Long Awaited Sequel to The Fake Celebrity in China is coming!

When I entered her, she held on to her tits, tightly, as if to say, you can have the cunt, but the tits are mine. It was a fair bargain. I was more interested in what was inside her, anyway. How tight, how wet, how slippery, how crazy my cock would make her, when it was all the way in? And I was not disappointed. Afterwards, in the typical matter of fact Chinese way, she simply made the observation, that Western dicks were longer than Chinese ones.

Turkey and Germany – A Classic Example of The Trojan Horse War

Sometimes it is almost amusing when Western politicians show just how stupid and short-sighted they are.

I won’t even mention what has happened to England.

But let’s look at Germany. 1 million Turkish voters in Germany. That’s all very well when everything is nice and smiley. When Turkey had some semblance of a Western style democracy.

But now Turkey, led by Erdogan, is becoming a radicalized Islamic country. And Erdogan is reaching out to those Turkish voters in Germany, telling them how to vote, that is, against Merkel.

The problem is two-fold, because he controls Merkel and Merkel controls the EU, both politically and financially.

It seems the third attempt of Germany trying to destroy Europe will actually come true this time.

That is the problem of unchecked immigration, of people who refuse to assimilate.

It happened to a certain extent in Fiji, with the Indians.

It is happening in New Zealand with the Chinese (who are buying up the country, unchecked).

Eventually, they become voters and have political clout.

Not too mention the living, breeding army waiting in the Trojan Horse possibly waiting to pounce in the future.