Say you hate money
Say you hate working
Say you hate politicians
Say you hate controls
Say you love the couch
Say you love life
Say you love freedom
Say you love cats
Say you love dogs
Say you are not so sure
About most humans
Say you hate the ridiculous ironies of life
Of the system
Modern life?
It was always the same
Don’t try to kid yourself
The human disease
Once spawned
Was all over us
Like a vomiting rash
Can we break free?
Can we ever break free?
It could take a lot of acid
A lot of weed
But then
Who would be in control?
The artists of course
That’s stupid
The artists would be quickly killed
By the others
One thing is for sure
We are one
Fucked up species
I am going to come back as a lion
Hunted for sport?
Endangered species
That’s a dumb choice
I give up
No wait
I will try the moon
Or mars
Gotta be better there?
What about the aliens?
The aliens?
We are the fucking aliens!
Oh yeah
How could I forget?


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