My Two Lives

My drunken life
Runs parallel
To my sober life
I know that
When I go back
And read my stuff
If I don’t drink
For three weeks
I forget
Where I got to
But after a few drinks
I find it right there
Three weeks behind
My sober life
Loyally following
Even after days of reproach and abuse
And if my binge goes
For many days
When I sober up
I will beckon my sober life
To take over
Create some order
I never abuse my sober life
Or perhaps I do
By getting drunk
As I abuse
My mind
And body
But it seems
As a writer
As a powerful
And wise
Both light
And dark
I need both
And when
I attack my drunken life
And it is ahead
Of my sober life
Winning at casinos
Scoring loads of pussy
With no need
For slavery
That’s when
You don’t need
To worry
About me
And my life