More Than Luck



I left her behind in the car
I crossed the road near the casino
And got a small rush
A guy approached me
From the left
I guessed he was a homeless guy
And it was too late to escape him
“Spare some small change?”
“No, sorry mate,” I replied instinctively
“Liar!” He shouted as I passed him by
I carried on
Feeling slightly offended
But after a few meters
I stopped
I needed karma on my side
And he had spoiled it
I turned to see him attacking
Another innocent victim
Who looked perturbed
“Hey!” I yelled after him
He seemed not to hear me
And the other guy
Wandered off
Just as I had
I walked quickly to him
“Hey!” I shouted again
I thought I saw a glimpse of fear in his eyes
And his body language became less confident
“You were right, I did lie,” I told him
“I know,” he recovered
I raked my hands through my pockets
And dumped about twelve dollars
In coins
Into his hand
“I am going to the casino. Wish me luck.”
“You will get more than luck brother!”
I left him
And wondered what he had meant
More than luck?
As if it was some cryptic clue
About my relationship with her
I heard him shouting as I continued on
“Ha ha! Bloody Christmas!”
I began badly
At the blackjack table
I usually did
Got down to my last fifteen dollars
But two hands later I got a perfect pair
And the run continued
I left the casino eight hundred up
Plus two hours of free bourbons
I had done what I said I would
And back in the car-park
She soon cheered up
Once I handed over the cash