Life in Paris – first impressions

Paris is very chilled out. So different to London. The people seem very friendly. I try to speak French at all times and they usually take over in English but appear to respect my efforts. Living in China for nine years taught me how ugly foreigners are who just burst into English. It’s kind of rude and arrogant, when you think about it. Imagine if a Chinese or French person went to England or America and just started talking demandingly in their native language.

It’s hotter than I thought it would be. Today 30 C I think.

The girls seem…very nice:) I was so over the way Brit girls talk, innit? The French language is very easy on the ear.

Have to say I love it so far.

There is some kind of elegant gentleness to Paris that I don’t quite understand yet.

Most importantly I think it will be a great creative environment to write.


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