Killing because you can’t get a hot blonde

From the beginning
Of time
Killing has been
A sickness
Born out of dust
And disgust
In the human race
They say
There must
Be more
Than the pathetic
Paris weeps
Blood on her streets
Once again
When will we ever learn
What we are?
And that
It starts
And ends
With us?
Young bearded cowards
Hiding behind
Murderous guns
Celebrating death
More than life
Becoming unholy
In the name of holy
No warriors
Fear the beautiful
Free minds
And bodies
Of women
Throw down
Your guns
And then
Can you even
Face a woman?
A beautiful woman?
Let alone a real man
How do you plan
To take those 72 virgins?
No talk?
No foreplay?
No grooming?
In YOUR so called Heaven


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