Jump Rock, Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

I stood
At the edge of the cliff
Where she had jumped
So many people
Had jumped from there
In the past
That they had named the rock
From where they launched themselves
Jump Rock
Below me
The ocean had roared
And foamed white
Against the rocks
And it occurred to me then
That those brave souls
Who had jumped
Had been mistaken
That the ocean
Would not have cared
About their demise
At all
Not even blinked
That may have been
Their last dying wish
But I supposed
The seagulls would have noticed
And a few hungry crabs
Ten years later
The earthquake hit
And Jump Rock itself
Committed suicide
And drowned in the sea
It had become too sad
I have dreams
About that rock
But never about her
And in my dreams
I ask the rock
How she is going?
But the rock never speaks
Just invites me down


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