Robert Black’s journal, commencing 16 May 2016

I decided to keep a journal. I have done it before. And seeing as some of my writing is based upon true experiences, it is a good idea.

At the moment I am slowly picking at a sequel to The Fake Celebrity in China.

At the same I am am searching for a good horror or thriller idea.

It is so good to be back in Paris. I didn’t write much when I was here the first time, was drinking a fair bit of booze. Wrote some poetry, some of which is OK, and is tentatively published on Amazon in a collection called Dark Days and Dangerous Nights.

I went back to New Zealand for four months of sun and surfing. There wasn’t much else to do. New Zealand in my eyes is culturally dead (apart from the thriving Maori culture).

Now I am back in the Paris. I will lock myself in for a few months of writing. The difference this time is I am totally off the booze, by choice. I don’t see it as something to brag about. I would rather be drinking and writing, but unfortunately the booze has not helped my writing at all. So it must go until I have achieved what I want.

I read The Beach and Ask the Dust when I was in New Zealand, and have become obsessed with both books to a certain extent.

Oh well, I don’t imagine much will happen, but you never know.


Watched The Lobster. Pretty cool, first half definitely better, could have improved the second half.

Good to watch innovative movies, like Under The Skin.


I have been watching quite a few good movies, trying to get inspiration. I have not written much but the desire is rising.

A friend of mine has begun his China teaching adventure, whereas I am writing about it, recalling it as if it were a dream.

For me it is a case of been there, done that. And I have no desire to return to the mainland. I recall the people, the culture, the food, the atmosphere, the language very fondly, but the politics and lack of civil rights disgusts me now, and I have no plan to ever go back, even if I was allowed. Plus the level of blind nationalism, also disappoints me greatly. Revolution will come, I believe when the economy sags, the rich of China elevating in society and overseas, and the poor becoming poor again, with no great increase in their civil rights, so much for communism, it is capitalism, pure and simple, leaving the country not changed much for the better, and lacking in females, and becoming dangerously polluted in the cities, and arguably more corrupt and controlled than ever.

The terrorist Islamists have worked out a new way to bring down airplanes, by sabotaging them on the ground. The wisest thing, I suppose would be to stop allowing Muslims into Christian and other non-Muslim countries, and of course to not employ Muslims in airports and airlines, though to suggest these actions in todays sick overly politically correct world would probably lead to criminal prosecution.

One can only conclude that world war is cyclic, brought on by the stupidity of the human race, and that free democracies lead to weak countries that will inevitably collapse as the Roman Empire did, centuries ago. Stupid cannot and will not ever be fixed.

May as well just open your mouth and swallow the medicine.


Starting to get 500 words a day down. That will hopefully increase to 1000 a day as I get into the swing of things. I don’t usually write more than that. Otherwise I find it gets jaded and weak. Style is everything. And I try to keep the content as unboring as possible.



The sequel to The Fake Celebrity in China is going well.

The trick is forcing yourself to write everyday, no matter how much you don’t want to do it, you must write. And actually, once you start, it is not that bad. It’s like not being bothered to go to your English class, but once you do, you enjoy it.

I reward myself with the ASP surfing events, UFC, and Breaking Bad, which are all awesome, especially when Mark Hunt is kicking ass. That guy is one tough motherfucker. I have followed his career for almost decades, right from K1 in Japan.

Selling books and stories more regularly these days too.

I can’t complain.


I have been watching a lot of movies about the Beats, thanks to Youtube.

Highly recommended for any writer.

Burroughs killing his wife, Ginsberg, Kerouac, and so on.

It certainly gives one inspiration to write, especially poetry.

The highlight for me was definitely Naked Lunch.

A brilliant movie.


The world is in turmoil, on the brink of another world war I assume. My grandfather was in one, my father, so I don’t imagine I will miss out, as the youngest son.

It is just the human condition, to fight, to dominate, to be tribal. It will never leave us.

Will it be the Muslims, who worship death more than life, the Russians, or the Chinese? Hard to say, but the air is changing.

My hangovers, thankfully now few and far between, are more like hospital visits, when they come. They last about three days. Gummy eyes, affected eyesight, sweats, and the feeling that part of my stomach, or soul has been snatched away, feels like the sound of nails running down a blackboard. Then there is the frequent pissing, as the kidneys struggle to cope, and flush, and the nightmares, and the extremely sensitive teeth, making it very uncomfortable to eat. And then of course, after I stop, it is almost impossible to sleep, without the booze to put me into a nice short coma each night.

Sadly, my beautiful days of binging, are coming to an end.

What a disappointment, as with most things when one gets old…er.


The China sequel is slow, will take years I think.

I have decided to write the second part of The Point, as I have no fresh horror ideas.

I am so pleased Brexit won.

Maybe later we can truly take our country back.


Well the news has dominated thing in the last few days.

The Nice attacks.

And then the Turkey debacle. Clearly Turkey was a major factor in Brexit, as was the migration of Muslims.

Turkey is a mess, possibly the next Iran,and things get worse and worse.

The people are celebrating in the streets just as they did in Egypt and Libya.

What they don’t realize is, they now have less freedoms, and access to justice than ever before, as the country becomes more Islamised and pulls away from Europe and the international communities.

It appears that Muslim countries just are too secular and tribal to maintain democracy.

I would not want to be a moderate Turkey Muslim, or an Uncle Tom as the current Muslim Mayor of London describes them.

I am so pleased we got Brexit, the madness of the politically correct had to be stopped.

It reminds me of the ending to the original of the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, when all hope is nearly lost, finally a person in authority blocks the road to stop the invasion. Then of course there was the Trojan Horse.

Speaking of good movies just watched The Invitation, and it was absolutely brilliant. If you thought Coherence was good, this is much better.


Wow, time really flies.

Writing has been going OK.

Brexit and Trump won.

Since then the media have expose themselves as politically leaning scum, lacking all sense of objectivity and professionalism.

The media needs to be burned down and rebuilt, with a book of ethics for those who wish to classed as actual journalists, and not just writers, or gossip writers.

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage are the only two people I have ever seen stand up to the media, who act like revengeful, scorned women.

On the art front, Wake in Fright, the original The Singing Detective series, Taboo, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and Neon Demon, Split, and Sling Blade, have all impressed.

If Lala Land wins the Oscar for best picture then it will undoubtably prove that Hollywood is also completely controlled, as are the media, and to a lessor extent the judiciary these days.


My latest horror is going painfully slow, but it is going. I don’t like to rush things. When I get the plot and characters in my mind, and I feel they work, I will write those parts fast.

Brexit perhaps blocked, or at least slowed.

I have little else to do, except write, when I can, and run.

I am also publishing parts of the sequel to The Fake Celebrity in China. So far, Getting the Picture in China, and Winter Camp. Both available for sale on Amazon Kindle.

Oh well, tally ho!


Well, Erdogan and Turkey have raised their ugly head in Europe, no doubt with the feeling of protection from Putin, and perhaps to a certain extent his puppet. The Turks with dual citizenship, in their hundreds of thousands show quite clearly that Muslims cannot assimilate into foreign, western societies. But more than the Chinese, they also seek to change the laws of the countries that welcomed them.

I always remember the Somalians in London when they used to say, “We are Somalians first, Muslims second, and English….not much at all.”

The West, weakened by political correctness, has become too soft. But it feels as finally they have been pushed to almost breaking point, and finally right wing politics is gaining a foot hold. Whether it is a good thing or not, it is certainly required.

On my life, things are fine. But if war does break out in Europe I will return to New Zealand.

On the arts front I am still trying to break the back of my horror novel, while at the same time picking at the China sequel, and other semi-autobiographical stories.

I read Wake in Fright, which I loved. And movies that have impressed me The Lover, and The Servant. Dirk Bogarde may not have been able to write but he certainly was a great actor. Novels always make the best movies.

Not much else to report.

19 April 2017

Time flies.

I am off the booze, and feeling good. I have a burning desire to achieve more. I want to write two books in 1 year. The book I am wriing at the moment concerns the time I left Germany, to the Gold Coast, to New Zealand to London.

Presently I am writing the second part, living in Bruce Grove which will be published first and entitled, The Somalians, as I had a lot of contact with the Somalian drug dealers at the time.

I will write the first part next. Then I will finish the sequel to The Fake Celebrity in China. I also want to write a story about my time living in Raglan, New Zealand.

The horror, is on hold for now, as I just don’t have the whole story and the characters in my head yet.

Semi-autobiographical writing, is not as much fun, but is certainly easier. I have a lot of good material, but it always takes me some time to confirm this in my mind, that it is worth writing, recording. Once I have that realisation, then I can write it with the vigour and deatail, it deserves.

After all, writers and other artists are mostly just historians, produced by nature to describe, decipher and thus historically represent the universe.

I have been watching a load of biographies about writers and some movies based on their books, and this gives me inspiration amd motivation to write.

Fitzgerald, Capote, Jones, Joyce, Lawrence, H G Wells, and just saw a brilliant one on Orwell.

Good movies, The Last of the Knuckleheads, old Australian movie. Get Out, great horror. The Grapes of Wrath.

The thing about Mulsims is that on the whole in the modern world non-muslims were not that anti-mulsim. Kill eachother with your sectarian hate based on the Koran, stone your wives, whatever, but don’t bring it to our socities.

This has now ended. The stupidity of politicians in most countries, the stupidity of globalization and multi-culturism, which flies in the face of the fact that humans ARE tribal. The fault lies ith them, now and in the pat.

So now we face Islam in our own societies, attempting to change our values and laws to suit Sharia law.

Plus it should be said that Mulsims do appear by way of the Koran, by the way of Turks jeering at a minute’s silence at a football match, that they resent us more than we resent them.

That may well change in the future.

We could say, go home. We should say go home. Go home to your Muslim paradise. But we can’t. We have allowed millions to be born into our non-muslim societies.

On the good side, if the Muslims had not been so secular, killing eachother, so many civil wars, Arab Springs, dicatorships fearing coups in their own countries, the hate and ideology would have led to a war we probably would have lost. I mean if they had as Muslims all banded together as one army.

At leat now we know we have something to fight for, against, if push comes to shove.

Turkey is intersting. On the one hand it is like it is a pity that it is now a cruel dictatorship, with no rule of law, but on the other hand isn;t this what Mulsims must have, as they are so secular, tribal? A bit like Afrivan nations, Russia, and China. these places would self-destruct, without iron-clad control. Some countris are not able or suited to western style democracy.

Personally I don’t think either Russia or the US should be in Syria. The Arab springs have failed, Libya, Egypt, and so on. And Iraq should have taught us that non-muslim countries should not interfere in their shit. Russia and the US will regret it, I am sure.

Not much else to report.

Oh and I deleted all my podcasts. It is a good habit to dicatate a record of a time before one writes about it.