Be Careful Where You Sleep

When I was young
I used to walk
To primary school
Down the paddocks
Through the barbed wire fences
Then onto the dirt road
Across the causeway bridge
I would always stop
On the bridge
And look down
Searching for eels
Asleep in the sandy muddy waters
Below the bridge
This day
There were no eels
The water looked cold
And murky
But in the low tide shallows
I saw the distinctive diamond shape
A flounder!
A big one too
I was so excited
I scrambled down
The side of the bridge
And silently pawed like a cat
To the water’s edge
I gently put my hands around the edges
Of the fish
It must have been fast asleep
As it did not move
And then I grasped it
It woke up and struggled hard
But I had it
And threw it onto the sandy muddy bank
I put it in my bag
Then ran home to my Mother
It was just another flounder
We had dozens in the freezer
But she was impressed
And I skipped happily back
Down through the paddocks
Across the causeway bridge
And to school
I wasn’t even late