Getting Hot in Europe

London has, as predicted, suffered.

Due to decades of short-sighted and naive immigration policies, we are now seeing the results.

Human beings are tribal.

No, we all love each other!

Politics is short-sighted in the West, just compare it to China.

You can never really be Chinese or have a Chinese passport (and a foreign one).

Throw in the hate of religion, and hey presto. Religion is all about the judging and hating and killing of others, who do not have the same faith as you, or any faith at all.

It was the Christians before, now it is the secular Muslims who are restless and rising. The only thing that slows them down is that they are all so secular. Perhaps one Muslim will hate another type of Muslim more than they hate a non-Muslim.

I guess Englsnd will become a police state. Sad, but totally predictable.

On the good side I am finally teaching online to top-up my book sales.

It is easy work, teaching adults. Short classes. Good pay, relatively.

What I found about teaching for a school was, or even tutoring, you still had to put up with the fucking mindless stupidity and politics related to the staff.

Colleagues, bosses, and support staff.

In Paris, I mostly loved my students. But it was the expats that got me. The French were OK to deal with.

Pretty similar in China.

Now, I don’t have to worry about any of them, and I still like my students.

On the watching front, I am loving The Handmaid’s Tale. Can’t beleieve it was written in 1985.

Also some really great Al Jazeera documentary’s. The Israel wars, must watch stuff. And the Cronulla riots.

Taking a break from the writing for a while.

The gambling is going well.


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