Nowhere Bound

Am I lost? Or am I found? Washed ashore From nowhere bound Memories stowed Safe and sound It’s me I seek But never found

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Women are like a living, breathing casino Like a judge and jury They sense everything They sense what you try to hide They sense your weaknesses They sense your power levels One must be patient One…

Source: Women

Who Controls the Media in the UK and US

Sky news just led with a piece The Disruptive President.

And it is accompanied by dramatic music.

Is it amusing? Is it worrying? Is it sickening?

Hopefully this will expose the media as bias, controlled, unprofessional,
unobjective, pure absolute propaganda.

The media have been out of control for decades in the UK.

The Levison report was supposed to clean the media up, take away their power.

But David Cameron was too cowardly to impose its recommendations.

That showed just what power they wield in politics.

The media here hates Farage, as they do Trump.

They were the only two politicians brave enough to go against them.

So who does control the media in the UK and the West?

Are they foreigners? Muslims?