Subjective Accounts by Journalists

Take an incident and have ten people watch exactly the same incident.

Then get them to write up accounts of what they observed.

They will all be different.

Then add controls, censorship and bias.

The result an extremely subjective (not objective account) of what happened.

This is journalism.


Lame Videos by Expats in China

In any country there will not only be a hugely diverse collection of expats, but they will also be in different stages of culture shock, or cultural change, and they will all react differently during the different stages.

There are so many expats in China who make these types of generalizing judgmental videos about other foreigners in China.

“Don’t always go to bars! Learn Chinese!”

In my opinion, having spent nine years in China myself, with these types of expats, it’s like a young kid who has discovered a new toy.

They want to tell everyone about their new toy, but perhaps are not too happy at sharing it, they feel that other expats may damage their new toy, and they will want to complain to the teacher or their parents about it, and not get too close to a certain type of expats who are different to them, in case they may actually have that special new toy taken away from them.

And they immediately are treated seriously, and listened to, by the Chinese. They gain a higher status level than perhaps they would ever do, both socially and economically, they become fake celebrities in China.

And instead of just accepting their own situation and those of others, and getting on with their own lives, they start getting judgmental, why not, part of the culture shock is a sudden increase in their social status and ego.

Some of them place a huge emphasis on learning the language, as another boost to their sense of worth. Some of them almost seem to want to become Chinese, and denounce their home cultures, as old boring, less comforting toys.

I met a guy, when I was acting, who refused to speak English to fellow expats. The Chinese were the ones who found this the most strange, as let’s face it, he was never going to be Chinese.

No offence, but when I see these type of recurring videos, having lived in six countries myself, it makes me cringe.

If the creators watch them back in another five years, then perhaps they will cringe also.

Political Correctness, the New Disease of Western Christian Democracies, and the Willingness of Muslims to Take Advantage of It

I was quite tired when I turned up at the plane, on my way to Paris. As usual the London Underground had let me down, and there was no direct train to Terminal 5. When I finally got on the smallish…

Source: Political Correctness, the New Disease of Western Christian Democracies, and the Willingness of Muslims to Take Advantage of It