Ados, Addicted to Fishing – Review – Fishing Made Cool and Sexy

Having been coming and going to New Zealand for the past two decades I have to say that one thing that I have got sick of is the fishing shows.

I grew up in Mangawhai, so am fully able to fish and have caught my fair share in my time. Spear fishing, kontiki fishing, surf casting, boat fishing and so on. My story Mangawhai is based on a true experience spearing a huge kingfish in the back, in the Mangawhai estuary, only to watch it swim away with the spear (a wooden fencing baton with a four pronged spear head) in its back, seemingly almost unaffected.

But, unlike my brother, I was always more of a surfer than a fisherman. Addicted to surfing. So I could never get this Kiwi macho attitude that comes with boat fishing. And not being as obsessed as many of my friends, suffered a few of the old Kiwi homophobic sledges, “What are ya mate!!?” With the standard ridiculous reply, “What are youuu!!?”

To me, it was always just pulling in a fish, nothing particularly macho, manly, or tough about it. The same friends who picked at me for hooking the bait or tying the knots differently, were often the ones refusing to paddle out when the surf got over six feet.

So all these fishing shows, with the inevitable group of homophobic males, spouting the same old clichés and laughing at jokes that are not remotely amusing, as they pull in the thousandth snapper, always annoyed me.

Recently though, I started watching Ados, Addicted to Fishing, and I have to say it was a major breath of fresh air.

The host, an attractive blonde woman, proves my point that fishing is not macho at all, just as surfing is not. She manages to launch her own beast of a boat, by herself, drives it, reverses it down the boat ramps, takes it out in rough seas, catches her own bait, has her own baiting and knot techniques, and the crucial part, catches and spears all kinds of large fish.

There are no painful clichés and jokes, she is extremely professional and it is a joy to watch her obvious love or addiction to fishing.

Not only that, they make an effort to capture some beautiful shots of the ocean and coastline.

There are no dicks, kissing the fish, as they take selfies with it as it twitches in pain.

Plus there is some cool music.

The show is cool, and sexy.

It made me imagine that there may well be other things to do on a boat kilometers out to sea, apart from drinking beer, and getting all tough with a group of males.

I hope in the future other TV producers will take note that there have been too many dicks on the fish shows.

Good on her.


New Zealand TV1 NEWS Propaganda Even China Would Be Proud Of

Funny how TV1 news started promoting the Kiwimeter test exactly when the NZ flag is being voted on:

And wouldn’t you know it, on the second night of the “news” item, a quick mention on symbols that Kiwis identify with, and how we don’t identify with the Queen or the crown anymore.

If this doesn’t prove just how much TVNZ is in John Key’s pocket, then nothing will.

And no independent police complaints authority anymore.

Dictatorship. Kiwi style.

Time to wake up sheep, baaaaaaaaaaa!


TV1 are still going ahead with their thinly veiled attempt at propaganda, one night they led with a “news” item about our preferred symbol which not surprisingly was a Kiwi, but hey presto, they had the silver fern on blue as the lead image behind the news reader. Why not a Kiwi we may ask?

The next night it was the old, ask the person in the street if they think the Crown should be a large factor in our culture, and strangely the person said NO!!

It’s like subliminal messages.