I used to think meditation served the purpose of clearing my mind of dreams. Good and bad, dreams do affect us in our daily mood. Now I wonder if meditation unlocks them, utilizes the wisdom that has been sent to us by our subconscious.


The Trojan Horse war

The warning signs of a society under siege. This photo was taken by me from the Eiffel Tower when I was there in summer of 2014. The words had been mown (illegally).

When I was in Bali in 1998, I was walking on the beach with my girlfriend at Padang Bai. My girlfriend was in a bikini and a group of people waiting for a ferry to Lombok, mainly men, started shouting and spitting at us. We thought it was odd as Bali was a fairly friendly place and mainly Hindu. We discovered they were Muslims. Were they radical dangerous Islamists? I doubt it. It was a warning sign for Bali too.

My African friend was staying in a student dorm in Shenyang in China. He told me that when some of his Muslim room-mates watched people leaping from the Twin Towers on TV, they were cheering. Were they radical Islamists? I doubt it. These were future doctors, teachers and lawyers.

Recently, when Turkey played Greece in a “friendly” football match, there was a minute’s silence for the innocent victims of the Paris terror attacks. The Muslims in the crowd jeered and whistled and shouted, “Allahu Akbar”.

Are they the radical Islamists of ISIS and so on? Or are they the sort of people in our societies in their millions?

Sue the politicians for negligent immigration policies and decisions

I believe that the victims and their families should start lodging civil actions for negligence. Allowing treasonous murderers into our countries, at the tragic cost to our citizens is worthy of a court action. And as soon as the first judgment goes in favour of the plaintiff, that will change the immigration policies overnight, because, as we know, money is the only thing that talks.