Feder – Goodbye feat. Lyse

Hard to imagine the first time I heard this was in France.


Being a foreigner in a foreign country is better than being a foreigner in your own country

As you get older you get wiser.

I realized that after having lived in six countries and having travelled over the last eighteen years, that there are some things I like about living in a foreign country.

The main thing I like, is walking about, and not understanding or caring about what the people are talking about. Get into a New Zealand taxi and the guy has a commercial radio station on, blaring sad attempts at humour, and meaningless cultural vomit. Even watching mainstream TV news in New Zealand drives me crazy after a few weeks. to the point where I am shouting at the TV. And to a lessor extent in the UK.

Here, in Paris, I watch the BBC, and I listen to New Zealand radio, but it doesn’t affect me the same. It affects them. It affects them as they identify themselves as caring citizens of those countries, and they feel the right to have an opinion, to feel stressed and happy by the politics, and the news events of the day, and of course what people say. They will feel emotion, and stress, just as I did when I was there.

It could part of the fact that I am a writer.

The less communication, the better. Writers make themselves hermits, to write.

Then there is reverse cultural shock, of course, returning to your home country but never fitting in the same again, always on the outside looking in. This happened to me at a very early age when I left England to live in New Zealand. Each time I came back to England I was a bit more of a foreigner, or alien as the Chinese call us.

Bliss – awesome Australian movie, free on YouTube.

Wow! Amazing. I watched this movie in 1988 in a New Zealand cinema and all I could recall about it was the sardines and Nazi with the sister scenes, but I recalled that it was quite bizarre and gave it a go. It’s quite brilliant, appreciated far more some thirty years later. Similar to the experience I had with A Clockwork Orange.

Quite beautiful and stunning.

Other movies I have watched free on YouTube recently are The Dead Girl and Walkabout.